Community Consultation

Our Consultation Commitment

Engagement, transparency and benefit-sharing with the local community is critical to a successful project.  Without a social licence to operate in the region, there can be no project.

WinterbourneWind intends to develop, build and operate the proposed wind farm, which means we want to be part of the community for at least the next generation.  Our goal is to build long-term relationships between the project team, the local community and all project stakeholders.  

Winterbourne Community Consultation

Our Community Engagement Strategy

Our community engagement strategy is built on the following core principles:

We will keep community and stakeholders informed by providing timely and factual information throughout the project lifecycle.

We will identify and address community and stakeholder concerns honestly and transparently.

We will provide the means for stakeholders to communicate with us, including where to provide feedback, how to register a request to be involved in the project or how to register a complaint.

We will seek to maximise the social and economic benefit to the local community.

Community Consultative Committee

Later in 2020, WinterbourneWind will establish a Community Consultative Committee (CCC) in consultation with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environmental (DPIE) and in accordance with the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs). The committee will consist of an independent chairperson, community members, local government representatives and members of the project team. 

A CCC is not a decision-making or regulatory body; rather, it performs an advisory and consultative role. It will provide a forum for open discussion on issues directly relating to project development, construction and operations, environmental impact management and community relations.

DPIE will recruit suitable individuals for the independent chairperson from a pool of qualified candidates.  The Planning Secretary of the Department (or nominated representative) will appoint the independent chairperson.

Expression of interest

WinterbourneWind will seek expressions of interest for community and stakeholder representatives.  We will place advertisements for these roles in local and regional media publications and other relevant avenues for no less than 28 days.  Applications for the community representative roles will be reviewed by the independent chairperson, who will recommend suitable candidates to DPIE.  The Planning Secretary of the Department (or nominated representative) will appoint the community representatives to the committee and will formally notify successful and unsuccessful candidates. 

We envision that CCC meetings will be held approximately 4 times per year and more frequently while the development approval is being assessed.  The minutes of each CCC meeting will be posted on this website.

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